Tools and Articles


Keep watch on this page… a place for all my little tips and secrets for body/mind/spirit wellness, one at a time!  Much more is offered daily on Facebook – follow BaredFeet!

My top two tips:  Breath and Journaling – read how knowing how to use these are a life-saver.

Ten 30 Second Stress Relievers (12/30/15)

Rewarding Yourself Well (12/11/15)

Top No-Sugar-Added Quick Snacks (11/21/15)

Helping Kids Fall Asleep: 10 Bedtime Tools (11/21/15)

10 Ideas for Healthy Lunchboxes Your Kids will Eat (9/23/15)

What Do You Choose? (7/13/15)



Sugar 101

Why Should I Bother to Be Healthy?

Why I Don’t Do the Things I Know Are Better for Me

Warm-Up Rudiments (6/6/15)

12 Quick, Easy and Potent Stress-Busters (2/26/15)

Chakras (written December 2014)

Why You Should Incorporate More Massage Into Your Life (12/4/13, updated 1/6/15)

Why I Tend Not to Offer a Typical “Dance” Class (10/20/14)

Trying New Things (9/25/14)

Meditation (7/26/14)

Integration (4/4/14)

Caring When You Have a Sensitive Child (12/2/13)

Understanding Habits (8/6/13)

“Dancing Freedom” (9/28/12)

Benefits of Creative Dance (1/9/12, updated October 2014)




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