“I like Lynn’s class because she speaks very clearly to us for what to do. I think other people should take her class because it is really fun and it can make you move around a lot.” – Eva, age 7

“My 7-year-old daughter has always been a bit uncomfortable in her own body – almost as if she’s unsure how to make her limbs go where she wants them to be. For most of her young life, she’s shied away from organized physical activities, despite her longing for traditional dance classes. When I hear about Lynn’s Expressive Movement classes, I felt they were created exactly for my quirky daughter… but I had no idea how right I was! Lynn’s teaching style is incredibly welcoming and accepting – her caring soul shines through, and the children in her classes are immediately at ease. I believe this is because Lynn creates such a gentle, safe space for her students. She has the wisdom and willingness to meet each child, and their abilities, wherever they’re at, and Lynn recognizes that every person has a unique way of moving through the world. Her aim was not to tell my daughter how to move, but to help her discover the wonderful ways her body CAN move. And move she has! Since she’s been taking part in Lynn’s Expressive Movement classes, I’ve seen such an immediate and incredible change in the way my daughter holds herself and travels through her days. This, in turn, has given her a boost in confidence that extends well beyond her weekly class with Lynn, and for that I will be forever grateful. After her very first class, my daughter whispered, “Mama, it’s amaaaaaaaazing.” … And really, I can think of no stronger endorsement than that!” – Shannon, parent

“Lynn’s philosophy that there is no wrong way to dance or move resonated with both me and my tween-aged daughter. We’ve never enjoyed the screams of “Now get it right this time – five, six, seven, eight!” & Chorus Line factory atmosphere that strangely seemed the norm whenever we tried to find an outlet to express our mutual love of dance. Dancing & moving for the pure fun & joy of it is the core of Lynn’s classes, and that gets reflected in the works that result. We loved working with Lynn on group offerings that aren’t restricted to specific age ranges – what better way for a mother & daughter to share their love of dance through an all-ages inspirational group performance at the 1st Annual Survivors’ Dinner?!” – Andrea, parent and adult student

“Fun.  Cool to dance with the little kids.  (I like) follow the leader animal style.  Its nice.  And Active.  And I love Lynn!” – Alizah 5 1/2

(Parent in Parent/Toddler class) “Class really boosted my spirits! …I really do love bonding with [my child] through the class! I just wanted you to know that you & class really put me in a much better happier place!” – Shelly, parent

“It was/is a phenomenal experience for me.  I love that it was all the experience and I could let myself go and just be with it.” – anonymous

“[Lynn] did a great job of creating a sacred space where there was safety and respect.“ – anonymous

“What an amazing intuitive and meditative time out of time.” – anonymous

“Lynn [was] very effective and led us effortlessly through so much… it was perfection.” – anonymous

“I have the feeling that my spine is several feet longer than it was!  How cool is that?  I also feel as though my spine is straighter and stronger.  Wonderful!  I am going to enjoy this new spinal awareness and ease of movement and my grandsons will be excellent tests of my new mobility!” – Kathleen, adult

“Lynn’s classes come from her heart. She doesn’t just ask what people want to work on, she really tunes in and listens to both the students’ bodies and her own in crafting a well-rounded class. She gets ya stretchin’ and gets ya sweatin’, but most importantly helps guide you toward an awareness of your own body, which of course is really where the healing is.” – Ryan Murtfeldt, former student

“I must say that her natural teaching ability is a rare one. …I saw Lynn react to her [student’s] needs by either going deeper into the subject, moving to a new topic, or simply creating something else on the fly to keep [their] interest. …Another thing that I really respected about Lynn’s teaching is that she did not down talk or condescend her young students. She talked with them on a one-to-one, equal level. She respected their uniqueness and did not stifle their creativity or eagerness to share a story. She was able to allow all the quirks of her students while still accomplishing the task of teaching what she had planned.” – Justin Kessel, Contact Improvisation teacher

“Lynn Christianson taught yoga at our new community center located in the International District/Chinatown area of Seattle. Her classes started here in 2004. She was a talented instructor, that was creative and always tried to provide great customer service to her students. She has been missed and replacing her is still a difficult task.” – Allen Chinn, Seattle Park and Recreation


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