MissionTo educate individuals, children, and families, on the relationship of body, mind, and spirit in health, on the ease and importance of taking care of all three, and with beginning information on managing wellness; to educate the greater Eau Claire community on the ability of the ARTS to potently aid in thriving health; and to allow wellness to be a priority for all regardless of income or ability or location.

BaredFeet, Co. provides introductory self-empowered body/mind/spirit wellness education, as free as possible to the community, through the arts, dance, yoga/movement fundamentals, mental health tools, pure eating, and spirit connection.

BaredFeet, Co. educates the local community on basic body/mind/spirit wellness through research articles, programs, most of which are free, in yoga, dance, art, mental health, pure eating, and spiritual well-being.  Special focus is given to children, young families, and highly sensitive people.  The arts ability to move the body, express the mind, and life the spirit gives it a great ability to heal, communicate and maintain.  BaredFeet connects individuals to professional practitioners who understand the BMS connection and can help facilitate deeper health and healing.  An additional component is a performing arts company, an adult company and a youth troupe, with pieces that offer self-expression for the members and further education for the community.  This company additionally supports funding for the other programming.

BaredFeet, Co. is an Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based non-profit that offers free basic body/mind/spirit wellness education with yoga, dance and expressive movement therapies through a particular program, also known as BaredFeet, designed by Lynn Buske.  Bringing together Lynn’s passion, expansive and intense experiences in movement, wellness, artistry, education and work with children through: yoga poses and approaches, Bartenieff-Fundamentals movement philosophies, Eric Franklin’s imagery work, Anne-Green Gilbert’s creative dance, child development, energy work, and spiritual/mental health tools, this organic program is available to all ages – with a goal of bringing more balance, health, joy and self-confidence. Extra attention is geared toward children, Highly Sensitive children and adults, those struggling with anxiety, and parents of young children.

BaredFeet Principles:

1) breath is movement, so to live is to move.  the lack of movement is lack of life.

2) movement is an expression of and reaction to life, and is easier when the body/mind/spirit is free from tension.

3) the body/mind/spirit cannot be separated and all three need to equally be addressed, with compassion, when approaching health.

4) the mind is also, then, in the body and it is through this larger non-thinking mind  that we process life.

The information on this website is intended to support general well-being and is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease. We are in process of building a database of professionals who understand the body/mind/spirit connection and can help you work with intentional healing.


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