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Hands of Peace
Elementary children express the message of Peace and No Bullying through dance, music, drama, art, and poetry.  Free program in partnership with the Chippewa Valley Montessori Elementary School.  Done every other year – practices in March-April and performance May.  Coming again in spring 2019.  More info here.  See pictures from 2017 here.

BaredFeet Dance and Youth Yoga

None scheduled at this time – contact us to book us in your space, school, daycare, or organization!

Free Summer Youth Yoga
Tuesdays in June-August 10-11am.  At Carson Park (near the playground, watch for signs).  Bring your mat or just enjoy the grass!  FREE.  No reservations required.  Kids of ALL ages 0-16.  (Under 4 need a parent to attend)  Yoga for kids does AMAZING things.  Strength, confidence, peace, balance, creativity, wellness, connection, joy—on so many levels.  Tools to live with.  Empower them with skills via fun.  Meet other youthful yogis.  More info here.


Yoga Series at Trinity Lutheran Church (Christian language focus) 

– All levels during Lent 2018 Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm.  Free.  Center, Strengthen, Release, balance, prayer, meditation.  Connect with your faith, your body and other Christians.

– Chair Yoga in April, Mondays and Thursdays 10:45-11:15am. Need to find some ease in mobility and strength? Come see what chair yoga can do for you! We start with a Bible Passage, then in 30 minutes work gently, rhythmically through an all-body workout, then end with prayer and relaxation.

Contact Improvisation
More info coming soon!

None scheduled at this time, contact us to download free 1/2 hour class videos!

None scheduled at this time, contact us to download free 1/2 hour class videos!

Emotional Freedom Technique
none scheduled at this time

Nutrition Workshops
none scheduled at this time

Loving Yourself Workshop


Creative Movement helps to develop language skills, encourages clearer thinking, develops vital brain and body connections, and balances brain hemispheres.  Read an  article explaining the broad range of benefits of creative dance here.

Who is this work for? Children who can’t help but dance, children who have trouble sitting still or focusing, the creatively inclined, the shy.  Parents seeking healthy families- body, mind and soul.  Adults who feel uninspired and equally those who love living inspired.  Anyone looking to take charge of their own health.

CLAY Shapes


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  1. lenoramarie says:

    Hi Monica, Great question! Yes, if you pay $45 your child can attend all the classes they want for a month (for example: if you purchase one Sept 15 it is good until Oct 15). This is really good for the 9-12 year olds as there are multiple classes going on for that age group. The pass is good for one child (thank you for reminding me to put that disclaimer up) – it is too encourage the child who wants to take more than one style class and wants to dance more often. For a more affordable route for multiple children I am open to discussing this with you, and will most likely offer a family discount at some point soon. Feel free to call me at 715-829-0754. (I also have work study available – parents have the option to assist at the 5-8 age level.) – Lynn

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