Founder/Director – Lynn Buske

Lynn Buske uses one of her yoga balls as a pillow and teaching tool.Lynn Buske has been teaching expressive movement for 18 years, professionally for eleven years. She has a BA in philosophy and a minor in theatre/dance from Luther College, and has taught yoga, improvisation, contact improvisation, performance and modern dance to children and adults in Seattle, WA, Iowa and Wisconsin. She has personally studied child development, movement development, astrology, spirituality, nutrition and various forms of mental health care and healing for years from amazing teachers and writers. Lynn Buske started Bared Feet as a side-business in May of 2002 to further develop her work and learn through collaboration with other artists.  After a three-year creative residence in Seattle she entered a journey into the realm of healing. Overcoming a personal struggle with anxiety, depression, environmental sensitivities, and PTSD has shaped how she approaches dance and wellness, and she wishes nothing more than to pass this knowledge and self-acceptance on to others freely. Having worked with children her whole life, and now having her own children, she particularly enjoys working with, guiding and preparing, and learning from all children.



Board Members

Co-Founder, President, Executive Director – Lynn Buske

Co-Founder, Secretary – Anna King (Social Worker, longtime Pilates/yoga instructor)

Co-Founder, Vice-President and Treasurer – Chris Buske (Massage Therapist and sales/marketing expert)

Co-Founder, Board Member – Paula Gorski (Art Educator, Free Lance Artist)