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Hands of Peace 2019 will focus on the theme SAFE.  Participation is free and is open to all school-aged youth.  Kids work on the hands of peace by Lynn Buskecomponents during March, April and May.  Performance is June 1-2, 2019 at 4pm at North High Auditorium in Eau Claire, WI.

Registration is open!  Deadline for registration is February 1, 2019. Download the form here: hop-registrationform2019.

BaredFeet, Co. partners with the Chippewa Valley Montessori Elementary School to bring you “Hands of Peace” a youth-led, charitable arts program on the topic of peace – allowing children to deliver the message of being peaceful to our community.  Youth work for 4-8 weeks on projects in various art forms which are presented to the public in a culminating free performance production. The production will be comprised of  youth dances, youth choirs, youth drama team, youth art and youth poetry. CV Montessori’s vision is to develop independent, passionate learners who understand the responsibility each of us has as citizens of our world. BaredFeet’s mission is to provide free, basic, holistic, quality wellness education and advocate for the arts as a crucial wellness tool.

Hands of Peace 2019 is financially supported through a grant from the Eau Claire Public School Foundation, BaredFeet, Co. and individual givers.  Stay tuned to this page and the Facebook page, for updates.

Each child who participates can select one or more art areas to work in. They each meet weekly – the details of which is determined after all registration forms are turned in and based on age, school, availability so children can be in an ideal group. We have been able to promise that your availability, which is noted on the registration form, will be matched to your child’s interest and age group.

In addition to learning the art skills and teamwork, each group learns some self-care and stress coping tools. Each group will get to discuss the topic: discussing where they each feel safe or unsafe, learning about all the ways they are safe and who supports their safe-ness, and learning ways they can generate more feelings of inner safe-ness.
Youth choir learns basic singing practices, work as a team to sing and practice songs on the theme. (will meet weekly in April and May)
Dancers create and memorize movements to music around the topic. Youth learn body care, movement skills, teamwork, and help generate choreography and select music. (will meet weekly in April and May)
Drama children co-create and select plays on the theme, create the props and costumes, learn drama skills, work as a team, self-care tools. and memorize (will meet weekly in April and May)
Poetry will be a shorter after school program where students learn how poetry can help them communicate complex or emotional ideas. This is more of an individual focus and not so much as a team. Their poems will be recorded for the performance or can be read live. (will meet weekly in March) Poetry participants will receive a ribbon.
Art will be a shorter after school program (will meet weekly in March) that is a competition as well. Materials and instructions will be provided in a few mediums in order to allow students a variety of ways to express their thoughts. One finished piece will be used on the t-shirts for the event that all participants receive and will be sold at event as a fundraiser. Another finished art piece will be used on the posters and marketing materials for the event. Other finished pieces will be used in the performance program. All participants work will be displayed at the performance. Art participants will receive a ribbon.

2017 Performance and Art Review
This second rendition featured 26 elementary students and added drama and covered the important topic of Bullying, particularly in elementary schools.  The majority of the performers were in multiple pieces bringing together one cohesive and strong message of “The Power of Nice.”

Art Competition Winners 2017

1st place – Alizah Felling (3rd grade) and Madeline Peters (1st grade) both from Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School.  Their work was put together to form one awesome t-shirt: 2nd place – Sophie McBride, grade 2 at CVMCS, was used on the poster design:

3rd place – Gaige Schwagel, Grade 1 CVMS.  His art was used on the certificates given to art/poetry participants.

Poetry Competition Winners
This year BaredFeet, Co. collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club to produce poetry by offering a workshop on Bullying and Poetry.  Personal and powerful poets shared their creativity.  All the poets received t-shirts upon completing the workshop.

1st place – anonymous

2nd place – 


2015 Performance and Art Review
The first “Hands of Peace” was in 2015 – it had about 80 performers in dance and song (grades 4K-12th), a collaboration with UWEC dance department, and over 200 art and poetry entries.  Held in Memorial HS’s main auditorium the variety and setting produced some long lasting images about every aspect of peace.  Click here to see images and videos from the performances!

Art Competition – 2015 WINNERS
Part of the Hands of Peace project was an art competition – designing an image that represented the topic of “Hands of Peace”.

1st place – Hannah Johnson, 1st grade Sam Davey.  Art design was put on all the t-shirts.  These were worn by the performers and volunteers and sold at the event.

photo 2
2nd place – Grace Johnson, 4th grade Sam Davey.  Art design was placed on the cover of the event program and on all the art and poetry award ribbons.

photo 1
3rd place – Keston Stumpner, 3rd Grade at Longfellow Elementary.  Art design was put on all the posters and publicity for the event.

peaceart2 001

Poetry Competition – 2015 WINNERS ANNOUNCED
Part of the “Hands of Peace” project is a poetry competition – writing an original written work that wwas read during the dance performance.

1st Place Garrett Flynn, grade 9 North High “The Two Societies”

The Two Societies

 A society of love
is a child’s playground.
Peace and innocence
will always be found.
Whether in a house
or in a school,
it is hard to find
a child who is cruel.

A society of retaliation
is what comes next.
Malice and revenge
aren’t very complex.
In the workplace
or on the street,
there is no shortage
of deceit.

These two societies
are one and the same.
Just perceived through
a different brain.
“We need peace!”
Children hope for an end.
This is the message
we are trying to send.

We see our children
solving peacefully.
So why shouldn’t we?
Why shouldn’t we?

2nd Place Nhara Lartey, 9th grade North High

Hands of Peace

 small hands are sized only to have been held
in the swelled palms of their troubled elders.
dainty fingers simply made to wander
into colors, art, and beauty alike
how age can harden, crack, and burden these
once flushed and softly pressing fingertips.
by having been exposed to toxic life
these hands may lose their vital innocence.

3rd Place

Any questions or press inquiries should be directed to Jane Christenson ( at the ECASD or Lynn Buske of BaredFeet (

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