“Dancing Freedom”

I stumbled onto someone else who comes to dance and shares it the same way that I do, even using a lot of the same language style (vague-seeming and poetic) about it – a group in San Francisco called Dancing Freedom.  They have taken this work to the level it deserves and together – an aspiration to where I want to go, when I am brave enough.

Their mision is “to serve cultural and spiritual emergence, resilience and thrival by providing safe and beautiful spaces for community to gather, pray, process, celebrate and evolve together.  Our global facilitator team is a diverse community of men and women who serve life through the sacred practice of dance.  We are age 12 to 67.  We come in all shapes and sizes… just like you.  We invite you to join us in Dancing Freedom and only Freedom – for yourself and for All of Life.”

Yumm.  You can see more about them here: http://www.dancingfreedom.com/

I’ve been struggling to find where my work fits in the world – what the heck is it?  I’ve been calling it dance, for the sake of convenience, but most of the world has an entirely different idea in mind when they hear that word.  Someone called it a health program the other day – I struggle to change myself from a dancer to a health practitioner.. and yet that doesn’t include enough spirit for how it feels.  Improvisation is what it really is, but that doesn’t convey it’s depth either.  Yoga-dancing may get close, everyone knows yoga has a spiritual component as well as a mental health part… but yoga still has “steps” to learn.

Dancing Freedom seems to struggle to explain it also, too – because maybe it doesn’t need anything… because maybe it’s just everything.  It doesn’t happen on our level of brain, it happens on the level where there is no explanation – you experience it, and yours is different than anyone else’s.

The main thing I’ve wanted to show people through my work is, “There is no wrong way to dance.”  Dancing Freedom says, “We have one rule: You can not do it wrong.”  I think that sums up what I’m feeling right now as a result of this little thought-trip.  There is no wrong thing to call what we do because there is no wrong way to do it.  Ah, vague-ness.

Really it’s about being.  Life moves us.  I think we’re all coming to a place where this way of being/moving/dancing/yoga-ing/health will just be how things are.  And we’ll all do it together.

In the meantime, I’ll consider taking a trip to San Francisco someday to expand, and get more support for, my efforts… or at least sharing with others who may go/be in SF about Dancing Freedom.  If you get to San Francisco check them out…unless they’re off in Mexico or Bali as they tend to extend their work pretty far.

You can get a taste of whatever we want to call this movement by coming to one of my classes, and help encourage this work to grow.

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