Summer Kids Yoga at Carson Park

16178427_1338985466124271_2218248005828192029_oFree Kids Yoga at Carson park this summer again!
Tuesdays at 10am (near the playground) starting June 27th through August 29th. Ages 0-16 (under 4 parent must attend). Bring your mat or use one of mine

Here is the extensive list, in random order, of what your kids will accomplish (the more they attend the better but come when you can!):

– embodiment: feels good to be in my body
– breathe through difficulties
– breath education
– tools to care for their full selves
– strengthen muscles typically weak in kids
– how good it feels to slow down
– ease over frustration
– imagination activation! (stories and pretend)
– mental focus
– posture and self-awareness
– develop intuition
– learn yoga vocabulary
– nature connection, grounding to the earth (we are outside!!)
– spiritual awareness (the world is bigger than me)
– find your calm activities and the benefits of doing them

Yeah, all that 😉

Can’t wait to see you all! Bring a friend!

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