BaredFeet Changing to Non-Profit Status

Happy New Year!  I like new years, they burgeon in change and growth and positive attitudes.  I am working on the final preparations to file BaredFeet as a non-profit, so I can bring beginning body/mind/spirit education, dance and yoga classes, wellness articles, support for Highly Sensitive Persons, arts as wellness, and dance as a communicative performance to Eau Claire and the surrounding areas.  FREE, yes free!

I believe that managing our own health is the first step toward world peace, and should be free so we can all achieve it.  I believe that the body, mind and spirit are deeply intertwined and health is only achieved by working in each area with compassion.  I believe in showing individuals how amazing they are and to empower them to take control of their health as no one else can.  I believe in the joy and potency of the arts.

First steps will be to establish board and operational functioning – I have built a team of local experts in body care, mental health, and spiritual wellness – and website overhaul.  Second steps will be teaming up with local organizations to bring programming, then fund-raising, and lots of writing.  Third step will be establishing a studio and performance space (by Spring 2018 – fingers crossed).

Follow BaredFeet on Facebook, bookmark this website, or join our email list (simply contact me) to keep up to date on this awesome adventure!

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