Summer 2015 Offerings

BMS Private Sessions
Confused about what real health is?  Are you struggling to find time for your own wellness?  Have some habits or issues that prevent you from leading a life of ease?  Getting back into health after a long break?  Are you someone who lives with high stress or anxiety, or is a Highly Sensitive Person?   Health never just effects one area of your life.  Come get wellness for your whole self with simple, integrated tools to manage your body, mind and spirit.   Take control of your health the way that YOU need.

In addition to expanding on the tools you already have and how to work them potently into your schedule, you will discover more about how nutrition, meditation, movement fundamentals (your body’s design) and creative dance/arts can make large impacts on your day to day life and long-term health.  Also you will be assisted in deepening your connection to God/the divine.

Summer reduced rate: $30 for one-hour consultation (add a deck of Self-Reminder Wellness Cards for $35) with follow-up appointments for $15/hr.  These prices will go up in a few months so get in on the offer now!  Sessions held at private in-home, peaceful studio near downtown EC or at your own home.



Yoga Magic
Let your kid experience what it feels like to slow down, to accomplish things, build strength and confidence, learn yoga poses, release tension, and find ease in the world.  We use rocks, wands, potions, imagination and stories to bring about yoga’s magic.  No mat needed.  Choose one session or attend both for a yoga-filled summer!  Ages 5-11.  Mondays and Fridays 8:45-9:45am. At Yoga Center of Eau Claire.
1st Session (6 classes): June 29-July 18
2nd Session (6 classes): Aug 3-Aug 21
One session for $40.  Both sessions of for $65.

Creative Movement
Learn how to dance for the pure joy of it, while being creative!  This class is dancing for wellness!  Learn the components of body and motion, rhythm, and how we are all different.  Kids will love the imagination, freedom and self-confidence.  Parents will love how the class trains their child’s muscles for alignment and balance, developmental gaps, skill building, and seeing their kids’ spirits blossom.  I will video-tape the last class to show dances they have learned from the instructor and each other, the stories they have created and the music they have made.  Choose one session or attend both for a vibrant summer and great grasp of movement concepts.  Ages 5-11.  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm.  At Yoga Center of Eau Claire.
1st Session (6 classes): June 29-July 18
2nd session (6 classes): Aug 3-Aug 21.
One session for $40.  Both sessions of for $65.




Love Yourself Workshop
Come discover the amazingness of self-acceptance and the practice of loving yourself….. Do you know you deserve so much?  Stay tuned for more details!

Movement/Yoga for Toddlers
Ages 2-6 with adult.  Beginning components of yoga and creative dance, with movement development elements.  Watch your child master developmental skills like leaping and balance, bond with each other, get positive creativity for both of you, reap the benefits of yoga, and let relaxation become a habit.  Fun rhymes, stories, beats, dance and games.  Coming again this Fall!

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