Why You Should Incorporate More Massage into Your Life

Originally written 12/4/13, updated 1/6/15

I truly believe that adding massage to your preventative self-care routine is an intelligent choice!  Here’s why:

  1. In my opinion it’s an easy choice to make for health. It’s easier than changing eating habits, learning mental health care, or being diligent about exercise—why? Because you lie there and let someone else make you feel good. There are also affordable options.  The tip to making massage pay off the most for your health the least money is frequency – less massage more often.  Often practitioners will give regulars discounts!
  2. Tension Release is a key goal in my work. Tension is created in our bodies when there is something we don’t want to feel—either from an injury, stress, or chronic body misalignment. When there is tension there is not energy flow or oxygen. You can “breathe into your cells” all you want (a common visualization in my classes) but you aren’t going to budge fascia that has been stuck for a long time or let go of something you aren’t ready to feel. Massage lets it out through your body. And regular massage can HELP with misalignment issues.
  3. Relaxation can be hard to achieve, but it is the best for re-patterning our stress response. Relaxation through touch goes straight to the central nervous system and regular, short massages can train your nervous system away from what most of our busy, hectic lives train in. Relaxing is good for you, relaxing via touch is amazingly good for you.
  4. Connection is lacking in our lives, and it is vital for our spirits! It’s been said that everyone needs 10 hugs a day for optimal living.  Touch releases depressant-reducing hormones!  Massage does wonders for your spirit and mental health by remembering to soften to life, that you are not alone, and that you are valuable.
  5. BABIES and KIDS! Babies’ development depends on touch! Touch encourages the development of their nervous system, it is how they learn about the world, and lets them know they are loved. Make giving your kids a massage a routine and it helps them learn to like relaxing, keeps stress off their developing bones/muscles, and lets them feel validated.

If you need resources on learning to massage your kids, or self-massage to save money, contact me so I can help direct you.  Otherwise shop around and research the type of massage you are looking for and the type of massage therapist, environment, rates and schedule you need!  Ask friends who they would recommend also.  I’m happy to talk with you in your progress and try to answer questions you may have.

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