Highly Sensitive Children

Reserve your spot for this workshop now, it will fill up!upside-down-fun

“Highly Sensitive Children”
Saturday, December 6 11am-1pm 

  • Is your child easily bothered by lights/noise?
  • Does your child have any food or skin sensitivities?
  • Is your child shy or highly emotional?
  • Does your child get easily over-stimulated?

Your child may have a highly sensitive system.  In this workshop, learn what it is to have or be a Highly Sensitive Child, why it is important to learn about, and easy ways for you and your child to address it to make day-to-day life smoother. Learn some tips on nutrition, grounding, shielding, what to do in a panic, preventative measures, Q&A session regarding your individual struggles, and how creative movement and yoga can help your child become confident and validated. Parents will leave with a better understanding of where their child is coming from and children will leave feeling empowered.

$25 per family. Children 9 and up can come with their parents to learn tools for themselves. Childcare for ages 9 and under may be available upon request in advance only and for a small additional fee.

Dragonfly Dance and Wellness, 308 N Barstow St., Eau Claire, WI

Register here.

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