Spring 2014 Updates

I’ll be on maternity leave for the end of April through the end of June!

Post-Natal Plans = What do YOU want?
VOICE YOUR OPINION please! Let me know what you’d like to see offered by BaredFeet this year! I’m starting preparations for the next year of classes/workshops/events. You are welcome to let me know preferred style, age group, format (class or workshop or performance opportunity) and frequency! ): Also indicate if you’d like to see the classes at 1) Dragonfly studio 2) The Center 3) or at the YMCA.  Email or Facebook me your thoughts!

Options (see descriptions here or ask if no description is available):

  • Sensitivity Workshop – NEW (for the whole family)
  • Bartenieff Fundamentals Class – adults (incorporate principals in youth expressive movement)
  • Toddler-Parent Expressive Movement and Beginning Yoga (I intend to always offer this, weekly)
  • Body/Mind/Spirit Wellness – workshop or class
  • Youth Yoga
  • Contact Improvisation – workshop or class
  • Youth Expressive Movement – ages 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 (or a combination), 13-18
  • Adult Expressive Movement
  • Sacred Dance (all ages)
  • Creative Writing and Movement
  • Expressive Theatre
  • Self Care Workshop (adding Nutrition)
  • Performance Opportunities

Tot Class During Maternity Leave
The last tot class, assuming I go full term, will be April 19. After that, the owner of Dragonfly Dance and Wellness has offered to provide “open studio” time on Saturdays at 10am to hold the space in my absence. I am not sure how long I will be gone, but as soon as I am up and ready for a Saturday class I’ll let you know!  The “open studio” will have music and all my props available at $3 per child. Ages 1.5-5.

Herbal class with Gigi of Herbalists Without Borders (for Parents with Toddlers-age 7)
Stay tuned! This fall, Gigi and I are planning a longer Tot class that will include using herbs! She’ll have useful information for the adults, and I’ll be working with the tots on discovering plants through movement.  There may also be some nutrition information available!  SAVE THE DATE: September 13, 2014.

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