Self-Reminder Wellness Cards

deck of cards

Congratulations to Lori Liddell for winning a deck of BaredFeet’s Self-Reminder Wellness cards through the raffle drawing in August.

These magnificantly useful cards are for sale! $25 for a deck of over 80 cards with a handmade pouch (several styles to choose from).

You can get these cards for $20 when you attend two of any classes! You can also get these cards for $12 if you schedule some one-on-one time with a Body/Mind/Spirit session – contact me for more information!

The cards have the inspiring shining-sun logo and words of encouragement like:

  • “Greet yourself and your body each day as if it is the first time.”
  • “See all that is God right now… the gifts, the love, the messages that are there for you to accept.”
  • “Know that whatever you have to give right now is just what is needed by where it goes. No more or less.”
  • “Imagine that right now there is nothing you have to do… Because there isn’t.”

– Peace, Joy and Abundant Health to you!

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