Fall Classes Announced!

Body/Mind/Spirit Wellness

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-7:30 a.m.
Starting September 10 (ongoing)
$8 a class, 10 for $70, or $50 unlimited for the month

Start your day off on your best two feet and with a centered heart.  Doing something twice a week for a half-hour is much better for you, more in tune with your body processes, than one hour once a week!

This class is Lynn’s personally developed style that offers tools to condition the health of body, mind and spirit using body fundamentals, improvisational movement, yoga, and mental health techniques. Class uses a combination of back-to-basic methods to provide students with tools to encourage full body/mind/spirit health: core-conditioning, warm-ups to release mental and physical tension, grounding and alignment correction, expressive dance exercises to turn on creativity, boost spirits and integrate daily life, yoga to provide balance to energy and body, use of imagination, and meditation tools.  A little bit of everything in one class!

This class is for adults who: are looking to take care of their full-beings, are, perhaps, philosophers, folks looking for dance for their daily lives, or yearn to strengthen or develop a spiritual connection, and believe in the body/mind/spirit connection. Prior experience of any of the material is NOT necessary, nor is it a deterrent – class is catered to where you are at, what you are seeking, and what the Universe has planned for today!

Toddler-Parent Expressive Movement and Beginning Yoga

Every OTHER Saturday from 10:00-10:45 a.m.
September 21—November 20
$8 per child, adults are free! Ongoing class to drop-in and out of as needed.  Please let Lynn know you are attending prior to your first class.

This class, for ages 1.5-4 with a participating adult (grandparents encouraged!), brings the Body/Mind/Spirit principles to a toddler level – class begins with warm-ups to let bouncy energy out and loosen up those exploring muscles and joints, while balancing brain hemispheres and exploring developmental movement. Then we turn on the imagination with expressive stories, silly songs, rhythm to prepare for the “skill” of the day. A movement concept is introduced (e.g. balance or gallop or elbow or high) through either choreography or game. Then it’s free time, inspired by upbeat music and props like scarves where there are no rules! We finish with beginning yoga poses and cuddle-time meditation.

Adults will enjoy bonding with their tot, and seeing the creative side of their independence shine, as well as get some movement, fun, yoga and meditation for themselves. If you’re exhausted chasing after your tot or throw your hands up in trying to understand what to do with them – this class is especially for you!

Expressive Movement Ages 5-9

Mondays 6:15-7:15 p.m. $10 per class (ask about assistance/discounts)
Starts September 23-December 2.  Come and go as you can!

This class strips Lynn’s work into a simplified version that speaks for itself, and is the core reason she is doing the work that she does: There is no wrong way to dance and Be You. Using her own body to express/integrate life not only has helped her to find herself and abilities, but has kept her sane, well and joyous (her whole life). In the expressive movement classes Lynn encourages children to SHINE their light – seeing that light brings her great joy.

What happens in an expressive movement class?
1) Guided warm-ups
2) Games
– using creativity to explore movement concepts (e.g. how many ways can you find to swirl?), and…
– using imagination (i.e. stories) to explore life concepts in the body.
3) Everyone, Lynn also, shares choreography with each other (arisen in class or on the spot) – sometimes via folk dance. Witnessing each other is a crucial component to Creative Dance. Lynn makes this surprisingly easy and does not push.
4) Then there is free dance inspired by rhythm, props or just how we feel.
5) Class ends with basic yoga poses for stretching and rest.

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