For Immediate Release
May 28, 2013
Contact: Lynn Buske, 715-829-0754 or

A new holistic approach to health is being developed right here in Eau Claire. Lynn Buske has combined her years of experience and study into a style that offers tools to condition the health of body, mind and spirit using body fundamentals, improvisational movement, yoga, and mental health techniques.

Buske is the director of BaredFeet, a project that she began in 2002 after earning her BA in philosophy and theatre/dance from Luther College. Through BaredFeet, Lynn has taught yoga, improvisation, contact improvisation, performance and modern dance to children and adults in Seattle, WA, Iowa and Wisconsin. She has also performed in collaboration with dozens of artists and musicians a great amount over the years. Her work has evolved as she has. Since her arrival back to her homeland, WI, eight years ago she has been personally studying child and movement development, nutrition, and various forms of mental health care and healing, as well as offering classes and workshops in children’s creative dance, parent/toddler movement, youth yoga, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Sacred Dance, and Contact Improvisation. This year she now comes with a cohesive approach to wellness through her yet-to-be-named body/mind/spirit style.

“Going through each of my experiences, I felt like they were random and unrelated, but I’m learning very clearly how they work together,” shares Buske. “My goal has become to empower people to take at least a little care, for their full selves, and share how simple, fun and powerful it can be.”

Buske, through BaredFeet’s classes, workshops and performance projects, uses a combination of back-to-basic methods to provide students with tools to encourage full body/mind/spirit health: core-conditioning, warm-ups to release mental and physical tension, grounding and alignment correction, expressive dance exercises to turn on creativity, boost spirits and integrate daily life, yoga to provide balance to energy and body, use of imagination, and meditation tools. The style is being designed for use as both preventative and therapeutic care.

“I meet people right where they’re at,” Buske explains. “While I’d love to help everyone, I focus on children and families.” She continues, “I am not trained to work with serious medical conditions, and as I’m not a counselor (yet), I cannot provide counsel – though I’m happy to support people no matter where they are on their journey of navigating life.”

Why the approach she has? “I’ve seen how much emphasis in health is focused on the body over the mind and the spirit, and have learned how absolutely intertwined they are to achieving an easier flow with life. I’ve also seen, as the world of health expands, that we are in charge of our own health – that’s scary for people to realize – I want to give them tools to feel more confident about that role.”

BaredFeet’s Fundamentals:

1) Breath is movement, so to live is to move. The lack of movement is lack of life.

2) Movement is an expression of and reaction to life, and is easier when the body/mind/spirit is free from tension.

3) The body/mind/spirit cannot be separated – all three need to equally be addressed, with compassion, when approaching health.

4) The mind is also, then, in the body and it is through this larger non-thinking mind that we process life.

Currently BaredFeet offers only a couple of classes at a time, as Buske has a full-time job working in administration – but her goal is to work toward a full-time operation with BaredFeet to share her tools. Most recently Buske led a group of all-aged students in a performance for Polkadot Powerhouse’s First Annual Survivor Dinner. Look out for what BaredFeet has to offer in the near future (

The first series of classes in her Body/Mind/Spirit style starts June 3, and runs for six Monday evenings. “I’ve always been involved in education, children, movement arts, and spirituality,” Buske says passionately, “now I get to bring them all together! I want to see how many spirits I can light up!”

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