Workshop Offers Fresh Perspective on Health and Dancing

January 18, 2013
Contact: Lynn Buske, 715-829-0754 /

Eau Claire, WI — On Saturday January 26 an introductory workshop, for adults, will be held in Expressive Movement.

The benefits Expressive Movement has been shown to offer are de-stressing, boosted self-confidence, improved mood, clearer thinking, better breathing and balance, physical exercise, and joy.  The leader of the event, Lynn Buske, who operates under the name BaredFeet, hopes to encourage people looking for a new perspective on health and dancing to give it a try.

Photo by Brianne Treffert
Photo by Brianne Treffert

“I see expressive movement, which can range from interpretive-style dance to jamming at a rock concert, as a tool for mind/body/spirit healthcare,” explained Buske.  “I like it because it accepts you where you are at – gentle enough for seniors but fun and full of potential at any age.”

The goals for the Stanley native Buske in this particular practicum are to help participants loosen tight muscles, learn grounding exercises, find fresh ways of thinking and moving, connect to one’s inner child and innate ability to express non-verbally, and have “silly” fun with other adults.  There will be a gentle warm-up, followed by simple, guided games to help experiencers get inspired and find movement, and the morning will end with some beginner yoga postures and relaxing meditation incorporating imagination.

“I’m really excited to offer this and guide adults to be inspired into dancing,” says Buske.  “It is really amazing watching people let themselves be free, see smiles emerge across their faces and hear giddiness in their voices.”

Buske has been teaching expressive movement for 16 years, professionally for nine years. She has a BA in theatre/dance and philosophy from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and has taught yoga, improvisation, contact improvisation, performance and modern dance to children and adults in Seattle, WA, Iowa and Wisconsin.  She has personally studied child development, movement development, and various forms of mental health care and healing.  She leads sessions of expressive movement in Eau Claire for all ages.   More information on her work and services can be found on her website at or on Facebook under BaredFeet.

The workshop will be held from 10:00am-11:30am at Sofia Spirit Studio 2131 Fenwick Ave in Eau Claire.  The cost is $15.  People can register, by January 25th, by contacting Buske at or 715-829-0754. 

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