Saturday, December 15 – Family Sacred Dance

It’s the holiday season… does your family need a little help remembering what the season is about? – Gratitude, Togetherness, Peace, Meaning?

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Does the idea of doing something together, dancing and laughing, sound refreshing?  Come participate in a Sacred Dance workshop – all ages and all beliefs are welcome!

We’ll warm up our bodies together, connect to each other through a group dance, then experiencers will be guided through a movement game to discover what they are grateful for and a free time for joyous expression. The workshop will end with yoga stretches and group mediation/prayer.  Easy and fun!

$5 per person, 2 per family minimum (or family of 5 for $20)
9:30am at Sofia Spirit Studio, 2131 Fenwick Ave in Eau Claire
Please RSVP before coming!

 Lynn Buske has been teaching expressive movement for 16 years, professionally for nine years. She has a BA in theatre/dance from Luther College, and has taught yoga, improvisation, contact improvisation, performance and modern dance to children and adults in Seattle, WA, Iowa and Wisconsin.  She has personally studied child development, movement development, and various forms of mental health care and healing.   At BaredFeet she gives her offerings through dance, play and prayer to encourage the flow of energy for health, the flow of creativity for optimal SELF, and for LOVE. Learn to free and find your body-ability and creative-ability, find your voice, find your strength, find your center, find your peace. What do you have to offer?
Lynn Buske / BaredFeet                    715-829-0754         


Coming up… Jan 26 – Introduction to Expressive Movement for adults
Glean tools to get in touch with your “now”, find how to explore concepts to build vocabulary, and let your imagination lead your body to inspire dancing. Improvisation Basics and Inspiring Your Creativity – Find the Artistic Dancer in You!
9:30-11:00am  $20

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