Winter/Holiday Schedule, Upcoming Workshops and Future Changes

Saturday December 1 – Adult Experiential Anatomy / Body Meditation Workshop (9:30-11:00am)
Who wants to encounter and better understand their own anatomy through movement and imagery? Experiential Anatomy is a form of meditation that is a direct way to take care of yourself, build intuition and get to know your own body. Familiar with mediations that involve body-scanning or the tightening and releasing muscles? More depth and creativity will be used in this workshop.
Topic will be based on interest: YOU TELL ME what bones, organs, systems, muscles –do you want to study or bring health to?
Email or message me or post below your interests (can be general, like bones, or specific, like the ear drum) by November 24. I’ll release the topic that week.
Suggestions: Jaw (mine’s been tight), sense of hearing, alignment/skeleton, attitudes about the body, breathing, iliopsoas, pelvis, feet

THIS Saturday, November 17 9:30-11:30 – Writing and Movement Workshop (Stories). Sign-up ASAP for this workshop for ages 9-16 – this will be super therapeutic and fun for the young actress, yogi, artist and mover!
Many cultures have told stories with dance. In this workshop, for ages 9-16, we will warm-up with a yoga-story, act-out a story we hear, find stories in shapes, and write our own stories to move about. At break time we will also watch stories from other cultures – like Hawaiian and Native American dances. 9:30-11:30am. $15

Fall Class Wrap-ups – There is only a couple more classes left for the toddler, youth yoga, youth creative movement and adult class, and some rescheduling has occurred due to Thanksgiving, illness, and my changing jobs soon. See each below and call me with any questions! 715-829-0754.
Toddler class – 2 left! November 19th and 26th. Both age groups 1.5-3 AND 4-6 are welcome for these last two classes.
Youth Yoga – 2 left! November 16th and 30th at 4:45pm
Youth Creative Movement – 1 left! No class Thanksgiving week, so the last one is December 7 at 4:45pm.
Adult Monday Night Class – 2 left – November 19th and December 3rd at 5:30pm

Friday December 30th – MOVIE NIGHT at the Studio
FREE! ALL AGES! PJs, popcorn and films to inspire. 5th Fridays of the month (Nov 30, March 29 & May 31) 7:00-8:30pm. Wear pajamas, bring non-spillable snacks, and after the film we’ll turn on some music to try out what inspired us!

Moving forward… no classes planned for the holiday season. There are two Saturday workshops, however:
– December 15 – Sacred Dance (for families, all beliefs welcome) $5 per person, 2 per family minimum 9:30am An opportunity, together, to find and express gratitute and prayer/meditation through movement!
– Jan 26 – Introduction to Expressive Movement for adults
After the holiday season I intend to only offer the Saturday workshops for a few months, as I am working a new full-time job and developing professional performance and academic materials. Interested parents in finding time for a parent/toddler class should contact me, as my toddler and I will still be regularly moving and expressing!

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