4-Part Beginning Bartenieff Series (adults)

Encountering four different connecting lines within our bodies and how they ease our movement! Building grace and expanding move-ability!

Dates: August 4 (new date – note the change!), September 8, October 6, November 3
9:30am-11:00am $45 for the series
Sign-up by August 1 – don’t hesitate, this one will fill up fast and space is limited!

A little about Bartenieiff Fundamentals, my interpretation: This was developed by Irmgaard Bartenieff, slowly (mostly in the 60s), through her encounters with traditional dance and using movement as therapy. She brought to light what she felt was fundamental for our body in its ability to move, and that by revisiting these optimal health and optimal expression could be reached – this turned into a movement therapy by accident as she found her students, and those with mental illness especially, found these benefits.

Its principals are based on releasing tension and increasing energy/breath flow and connectivity in the body. When we are aligned and breath is reaching all our cells, movement ease and range increases and we are also freer to express ourselves and connect to the outer world. (Not to mention the super health benefits!) Bartenieff Fundamentals helps reach these goals through connecting with earth and breath, revisiting developmental stages, and through body-lines (that are found in many body sciences and movement studies): core-distal, head-tail, upper-lower, body-half and diagonal.

In my introductory class we covered core-distal and breath work. For those that missed it, we will revisit these in our warm-up in this series which covers the rest of the body-lines: experiencing them, how connecting to them increases our range and expressivity and makes our regular movements easier. Class 1 is the head-tail connection. Class 2-4 covers the other remaining three.

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