May 5 – Bartenieff Introduction Workshop (adults)

May 5 – Bartenieff Introduction
(adults all levels – beginners encouraged, teens with dance experience)

9:30am-11:30am $15 Sign-up by April 30th

Irmgard Bartenieff, in the 1960s, expanded upon the general concepts of movement (established by Rudolf von Laban – effort, space, shape, action of body parts and group relationship) to involve, and arise out of, connection (to self, thought, breath, environment), and to generate full body movement with clear intention. It was an almost accidental development of movement rehabilitation. It additionally was stunning! This workshop is a 2-hour introduction to this contemporary dance technique. The style is based on core building and release work for an easy flow in your movement. Students will get a brief introduction to their core and building connections through their bodies as they move. The workshop will end with the opportunity to integrate with improvisational dancing. Workshop held at SofiaSpirit Studio 2131 Fenwick Ave

Workshop Goals:
– for each student to experience the definition and purpose of the style, to decide if they want more
– expose each student to their body, their moving and their health
– understand a little how Bartenieff Fundamentals can affect movement (any movement)
– relax, feel great for two hours and have fun
– Lynn’s general movement mission is to connect people to their-selves-bodies and encourage them to shine their individual light brightly and healthfully

Who Should Come:
Those who need a (re)introduction to their bodies and dance. Those dancers who rejoice in moving easier and intuitively. Those bodies looking to move in a non-invasive way. Those looking for more health for themselves – body/mind/spirit.

Contact me for more information on this dance form!

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