What a Body Knows – Pshchology Today article

Thought I’d post this article on the wisdom of the body and the amazing things that happen as a result of dancing. Enjoy! – Lynn

Psychology Today
by Kimerer LaMothe, Ph.D.

Part Two: To Dance Is (More than Just) a Radical Act
What one who dances knows about nature in us and around us

To dance is more than just a radical act. It is generative.

Dancing offers more than just a critical purchase on our mind over body, individual first, word-webbed, sedentary ways of living (as described in my previous post). Dancing is a primary resource for generating alternatives. One who dances knows otherwise.

Dancing, we practice learning and imagining and making new bodily movements. As we do, we cultivate a sensory awareness of movement outside of ourselves–visual, aural, tactile. We cultivate a sensory awareness of movement within ourselves–of muscles and organs, bones and breath, rhythms and waves.

As our ability to sense these movements within and without grows, so does our ability to respond in patterns of coordinated action. We dance and are danced by the energies coursing through us. And as this dancing orients our senses, we grow more and more capable of imagining ideas, principles, and paradigms that express the careful attention to our bodily selves that our dancing demands.

Dancing, then, yields a kind of knowledge that we need now: knowledge about how to create mutually enabling relationships with the nature at work in us, through us, and around us.

Why do we need this knowledge now?

Read the full article here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/what-body-knows/201112/part-two-dance-is-more-just-radical-act

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